April 19, 2022
Look here for installation instructions and here for the SDK documentation. The API reference can be found here.
Release Notes:
  • Added python example on how to set static ip
  • Updated ros example
  • Fixed many bugs
  • Added local means filter. It acts similar to the bilateral filter, only adds values that are within the standard deviation. But it just takes a simple mean, hence the name.
  • Temporal, bilateral and local means filter use common data if available
  • Added dot compression
  • Added software binning
  • On camera processing is now enabled by default
  • Added set_configurations to most cameras
  • Added get_version function to query the version of the library
  • Added version function to interfaces and KeaCamera to query the library version on the camera
  • Removed mixed pixel files from installer. They can now be found here
  • Mixed pixel can now generate look up tables on demand, this takes several seconds but only has to be done once for the program lifetime
  • Added support for 1:3 mixed pixel ratios
  • Added support for three frequency mixed pixel