Camera Update

Remote camera updates have been available since version 3.6.0. Cameras running an older version cannot be updated using the procedures below. Please contact us if you want your camera updated.

There are several ways to update the camera, via the web interface, via the viewer and via the API.

Web interface

To update the camera via the web, visit http://ip_address:8080. Where “ip_address” should be replaced with the IP address of the camera, for example,

update camera web

The IP address can be obtained in several ways. In the viewer, it is listed when you press “Find Cameras”.

viewer ip

Via the API, it can be obtained like this:

cameras = tof.discoverKeaCameras()
for cam in cameras:


To update the camera via the viewer, press “Update” in the “About” dialog page.

viewer update


Via the API, the camera can be updated like this:

cam = tof.KeaCamera(tof.ProcessingConfig(), "2020004")